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Nowadays, we are all connecter, we want to communicate, share and tell experiences, with people as well as brands. Therefore, perceptions meet reality, everything can be seen by everybody and a single person’s request may have a domino effect.

It is an unprecedented opportunity that may be exploited timely in order to meet, anticipate and respond to needs and business opportunities. It ought to be the firm’s strategy to look after these areas, not only from the point of view of Communication and Marketing but also the relationship with the consumer.

For this reason, have developed a full package of online services through all of the social platforms, called DIALMEDIA – Multimedia Customer Services.


Our services
  • Assistance through chat and videochat
  • Online Lead and Prospect Management
  • Social Media Monitoring & Online Customer Care
  • E-commerce support

Your 2.0 business – Our 3.0 services.

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